Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Accidents

I got some very cute metal coin purse frames a few weeks ago. They are all different colors! So, I wanted to do something cute with them! My first project turned out cute...but the bottom of the bag was too fat, and I thought it looked a little strange.

But I did learn a new technique for a flat bottom.

I really like the way it turned out! So, I thought I'd modify the original pattern and make the bottom a little less bulky. But, I messed it up! I didn't cut the fabric with enough seam allowance, so when I sewed the body together, the frame didn't fit. I was UPSET. I just wasted 45 minutes of my time drawing, cutting, and sewing, only for it to not work out?? But, as I was looking at my failed project with disgust, a new vision showed itself! It wasn't a failure! It was a happy accident! An accidental new design!

I'm really pleased with the way it turned out! Now, I just have to draw up a new pattern (there were two flaps...the other one was tucked into the body, adding unwanted bulk). Hopefully it will turn out the way I want it when I go to sew it on purpose! It is lined, and it has the same flat bottom that the bulkier purse has! I love the colorful button on the front!

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