Tuesday, December 10, 2013

funky fresh bedroom

 I'm sick of my bedroom looking like a storage area.  I really want a space where I can relax, either in bed or on furniture.   My bedroom is certainly large enough to have at least two comfortable, separate spaces.  I want sophistication and hidden storage.  Oh yeah, did I mention I need it to be cheep?  I'm going to give myself an initial budget of $200.  I won't be able to do it all at once, but I'll keep track of my budget on here!  My goal is to get as much furniture/decor items secondhand or on sale as possible.  I already have a lot of what I need, so, that's a bonus.  First thing is going to be paint and re-arranging the furniture.  So, here's a quick sketch of what I have in mind (bear in mind that the drawings are not to scale...for example, the room is square!  But, you get the jist of it!):

I like the accent wall to the right of the room.  I'm going with greys on the walls because it's a classic color that goes with just about any decor.  I really like the idea of a grey and pink chevron rug...I hope I can find one.  Of course, I could always make one if I can't find any!  To separate the spaces, I originally had the idea to put a folding screen between them, but decided on a cube shelving unit for the storage.  
I already have a bed, desk, hope chest, bedside tables, a couch, and a bookshelf, so I don't think I'll have to spend to much on the furniture.  I bet I can get a good coffee table second hand!  I will post before pics eventually, but I want to wait until after stage one so you can compare!  

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