Friday, January 31, 2014

green cleaning machine

Let me talk about baking soda for a minute.  It is probably the miracle product of all time.  You can use it in baking, cleaning, laundry, beauty, etc....and I DO!  It's great for cleaning because it's softer than the finish on stoves, sinks, tubs, and various other household appliances.  As most of you already know, I live in an old apartment with really old, vintage appliances!  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my vintage kitchen!  But, I've always been bothered by the baked on crud around the burners.  I knew something could be done, but I refuse to use harsh chemicals!  Cue the baking soda!  I decided to make a paste with water and asking soda and scrub the dickens out of the stains....turns out I didn't need to scrub as hard as I thought!  Some small spots didn't come out, but I'm going to try hydrogen peroxide and baking soda on those.  

Stove top before:  

This picture was taken AFTER I cleaned with glass cleaner.  How gross is that baked on crud?

Stove top after:

I think I'll take it!!

The baking soda even worked on my teapot:

I didn't take a before pick of this, but it had baked on grease all over it from cooking (I'm beginning to think I'm a sloppy cook!).

And my stove in all its vintage glory:

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